Reinforcement Learning 101

This exclusive workshop will demystify reinforcement learning for clinicians and executives. LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM D Leo Anthony Celi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Matthieu Komorowski, MD, PhD, C

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Healthcare data: anticipating vulnerabilities in data security

LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM B Delivered in partnership with ASMGi. This session will focus on security for AI in healthcare, and the role AI is playing in both managing breaches and anticipating vulnerabilities. Moderator: Steven Roesing, PE, HISP, CRISC, President and CEO, ASMGi Om Mahida, Product M

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AI strategy and delivery: operationalizing and scaling across the business

LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM D Delivered in partnership with Exponential AI and MI10  A key challenge for healthcare organizations across the world is adopting and scaling innovation. Alignment of operational and clinical strategies is critical in order for tech leaders to deliver success. Moderator:

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Healthcare data: sharing and access strategies

Delivered in partnership with Pentavere. LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM B What do healthcare organizations need to do in order to harness the full potential of their data? What are the common pitfalls in doing this, and how can you mitigate them? Moderator: Karen B Seagraves, PhD, MPH, NEA-BC, APRN, FAH

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AI strategy and delivery: accelerating adoption

Delivered in partnership with AMDIS, IBM Watson Health and Blackford Analysis LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM D While there are increasing numbers of healthcare organizations investing in artificial intelligence, the deployment of AI solutions is not necessarily accelerating at the same rate. This sessio

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Key issues in AI: regulation and legal

Delivered in partnership with FDA LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM C Engaging regulators and startup founders with demonstrable experience of securing CE marks, FDA approval and so on. Moderator: Sara Gerke, Assistant Professor of Law, Penn State Dickinson Law Matthew Diamond, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Offic

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