Reinforcement Learning 101

This exclusive workshop will demystify reinforcement learning for clinicians and executives. LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM D Leo Anthony Celi, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Matthieu Komorowski, MD, PhD, C

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Keynote Theater: Emerging trends of AI in healthcare

What are the key trends to consider as we go forward with the implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare organizations and systems? Considering topics such as wearables, digital twin, swarm learning, etc. Matthew Lungren, MD, MPH, Associate Fellow, Stanford AIMI Suchi Saria, PhD, Associ

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Healthcare data: sharing and access strategies

Delivered in partnership with Pentavere. LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM B What do healthcare organizations need to do in order to harness the full potential of their data? What are the common pitfalls in doing this, and how can you mitigate them? Moderator: Karen B Seagraves, PhD, MPH, NEA-BC, APRN, FAH

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Key issues in AI: ethics and equity

Delivered in partnership with ACAIM LOCATION: ELIZABETHAN ROOM C A practical workshop addressing some of the prevailing ethical challenges in healthcare AI, including trust, bias, data privacy, and explainability. Moderator: Eric Eskioglu, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Scientific O

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