AIMed and Best Case Scenario (BCS) announced today a collaboration to launch AIMed Australia. AIMed and BCS are working together to organize its first conference this November. The soft launch of AIMed Australia will take place towards the end of May. 

This partnership is an extension of AIMed’s vision: to bring about a revolution that embraces a new paradigm of medicine and healthcare propelled by artificial intelligence (AI) and related new technologies. AIMed Australia marks the fourth AIMed flagship event, on top of AIMed North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Who is our partner? 

BCS is a leading event management company based in New South Wales, Australia. Their mission is to help clients to reach for their full potentials through proven strategies, innovative ideas, and extensive resources. 

The company set out to change the landscape of events management by focusing on experiences and harnessing business values. This coincides with the mission of AIMed, that is to be a frontier in providing global clinician-led AI events, education and editorial content in medicine and healthcare. 

Presently, BCS is led by its founder, Luli Adeyemo who has more than 20 years of diverse experiences in the events industry and used to work for global research and advisory firm – Gartner, heading their Asia/Pacific conference business. During her time at Gartner, Adeyemo grew the company’s APAC event business by a staggering 250%. 

An exciting time for both AIMed and Best Case Scenario 

Both AIMed and BCS are delighted about the launch. As Freddy White, Chief Executive Officer of AIMed said in the press release, “BCS has been passionate about AIMed from the start and we couldn’t be happier with this collaboration. AIMed is very focused on supporting healthcare professionals and leaders and the development of AI strategies. We believe our global perspective will support our friends and colleagues as well as Australia”. 

Indeed, AIMed Australia is part of a series of exciting events which AIMed had announced thus far. This February, AIMed had also launched two subspecialty programs – AIMed Cardiology and AIMed Radiology, which will be taking place, back to back, between 17 and 19 June at Ritz-Carlton, Chicago. 

“AIMed and its global community are the kind of program and discussion which Australia needs to be part of if we are serious about understanding how AI will impact the future of healthcare and medicine, and to significantly improve patient outcomes,” stated Adeyemo. 

AIMed Chairman and Founder, Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Dr. Anthony Chang added, “AIMed has been yearning to be in Australia as some of the World’s best minds in informatics and intelligence in biomedicine are in that region. In order to be excellent at AI in medicine and healthcare, we need to learn about each country’s health system, AI landscape, and how they solve problems using AI. We very much look forward to this exciting opportunity to learn from each other”.  

Keep in touch for the latest updates 

The AIMed Australia events page will be set up soon. Meanwhile, do follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebookLinkedin, and Youtube for more updates. Please also visit our main events page to revisit some of our recent webinars and breakfast briefing sessions. We look forward to meeting you in one of our events in the near future. 

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