Unlike others, when Dennis Wall received his pair of Google glasses in 2015, he was not at all disappointed that they did not work as expected. In fact, he was thinking of improving it: by incorporating a set of algorithm which relies on AI, users are able to see emoticons that match with the expressions of someone they meet.

Ideally, the glasses will work well for autistic individuals who have difficulties interpreting social cues and emotions. While we are waiting for Wall’s success, he had already established Cognoa, a company which dedicates to identify autism via a mobile application.

iFlytek, a company which pioneered in voice recognition technology in China, is developing a platform for doctors to enter patients’ information via voice command, to remove doctors from administration hassle and dedicates more times for patients.

Although the above are seen as some of the many “breakthroughs” the AI med industry come across every day, it’s still hard to define the term because what is new today may not be new tomorrow. Dennis Wall, deputy manager of iFlytek Xiaoliang Lu, and chief scientist and executive scientific advisor of MI3 Spyro Mousses are coming together to discuss what is “breakthrough” and share some of the latest innovations in AI med industry.

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Session Focus: Recent breakthroughs in AI Med applications with Dennis Wall

When: Friday, November 9th (14.00-15.00)

To understand what constitutes a “breakthrough” in AI med industry and share some of the significant examples, to shed light on this booming sector.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Learn about how has AI changed the landscape of medicine, specifically, new discoveries in both east and west.

Understand the challenges behind adopting AI in medicine: safety regulations, patient and physician’s adaptabilities, general feasibility.

Insight into some of the success stories of AI med industry and secrets to replicate them.

Benefit from an afternoon of innovative indulgence.


Spyro Mousses, Chief Scientist and Executive Scientific Advisor for the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3), USA

Dennis Wall, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University, USA

Xiaoliang Lu, Deputy Manager, medical division, iFlytek, China

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