Mainly, artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the health insurance industry in two areas: cost efficiency and fraud detection. The former encourages insurance and healthcare companies to co-develop software which promote healthy lifestyle to cut down on the preventable healthcare expenditures as a result of undesirable habits. The latter employs algorithms in the process of health insurance claims to prevent deceit.  

In the process, AI is believed to introduce greater accuracy and personalization as the technology itself conjures meaningful insights from different data to ascertain the profile of each client. On the other hand, clients can also rely on algorithms to select what is best for their needs at the moment. Most importantly, AI highlights anomalies in the shortest time possible, this will help in saving unnecessary cost and time spend on savaging mistakes. 

However, AI is not bulletproof. As the health insurance landscape turns complicated because of the increasing medical cost, different spending habits among the millennials, and growing competitions, a lot more thoughts need to be injected apart from just getting the industry ready for the technology. As such, AIMed Europe 2019 will be bringing some experts to share more about what they think of AI and its impact on health insurance. 

Session focus: Assessing the implementation of insurance services and payment pathways and the impact on medical healthcare

When: Thursday, September 19th2019 (10:00 – 10:30) 

A short but interactive discussion on how AI is affecting the increasingly complex landscape of health insurance. 

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Find out more about the use cases of AI and emerging applications in the health insurance industry. 

Understanding the challenges in implementing AI solutions in the sector and what are some of the long-term in investing into AI. 

Insights into what contribute to the success of an AI solution. 

Benefit from industrial experts and active exchanges of thoughts and opinions between speakers and attendees. 


Reza Khorshidi, Chief Scientist (Global), AIG 

Dr. Anushka Patchava, Proposition & Strategy Lead for vHealth (Global) – Population Health Solutions, Aetna International 

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