The Australian Digital Health Agency believes artificial intelligence (AI) is already impacting the local medicine and healthcare scene. Mainly, clinical decision support tools that are widely adopted in cardiology and radiology; genomic data analyses for the creation of next-generation medications, algorithms that predict adverse medical events and so on. 

Medical professionals and healthcare officers are encouraged to understand the implications of AI and new technologies over the course of the decade and beyond mere hype and speculations. At the same time, concerns around privacy, transparency, and misinformation should also be cautiously addressed. 

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science had called for a public consultation earlier to seek people’s views on Australia’s ethics framework. The publi was urged to ponder on the core values of AI, how it may change certain aspects of the society, and existing rules and regulations. While some of these feedbacks may directly or indirectly affect the way Australian government approach AI, there is no doubt that change is happening. 

Not only the healthcare system is changing but probably other major pillars of the society too. At this point in time, when no one is expected what is likely to take place, a top-down approach seems relevant. However, how and what to be governed became imperative. More shall be discussed at one of the panel sessions during AIMed Australia between 12 and 13 November. 

Session focus: Transforming the healthcare system: Governance should NOT be a dirty word

When: Wednesday, November 13th2019 (09:30 – 10:15)

A panel discussion focusing on some of the latest AI applications in medicine and what need to be addressed in the development of an AI governance framework. 

Attendees will gain the following knowledge: 

Understand some of the practical case studies and emerging applications of AI in medicine.  

Find outmore about the research projects and findings conducted by respective speakers. 

Brainstorm ways to help in the development of governance framework needed for AI. 

Benefitfrom experts’ opinions and active exchanges of thoughts between speakers and attendees.

Session moderator: 

Dr. Tim Smyth. Practice Principal Health Sector Law. 


Dr. Zoran Bolevich. Chief Executive, eHealth New South Wales. 

Meredith Makeham. Chief Medical Adviser, Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). 

Associate Professor Sandeep Reddy. Deakin University. 

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