The world’s leading conference on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and Medicine brought together a unique cross section of clinicians, technologists and Health IT experts in December 2017.

Conference attendees told us their favourite aspect of AIMed is the way in which is interactive, focused on real-world issues and dedicated to encouraging clinicians to engage with AI technology and its implications.

We spoke to conference attendees who all said AIMed felt different to conferences they had previously attended and they found the atmosphere exciting.

Alan S. Young, MD, MBA, PMP, chair of the Southern California HIMSS CMIO Committee said: “I think the biggest difference I’ve noticed is the number of clinicians coming from different areas.

“Typically conferences like this, that are very technology focused or cutting edge tend to be really Health IT experts or startups, but to see clinicians who actually see patients and have a passion for this is very refreshing.”

Approximately 500 clinicians, technology experts, and entrepreneurs attended AIMed North America in 2017, and this year the conference is set to expand to Europe and Asia.