AIMedConnect is a unique opportunity for the medical, healthcare and technology industries. It’s a strategic platform for Innovators to receive vital feedbacks from practicing clinicians and other stakeholders to ensure their new AI solutions are fit for purpose before commercialization as well as drive increased adoption of AI technology..

AIMed was established in 2015 with the aim of bringing together clinicians with an interest in artificial intelligence. Over the last five years we have built a global community of 60,000 clinicians, data scientists, health leaders, policymakers, startups and industry executives.

We’re constantly talking and listening to our community, and what we’re hearing is that there are challenges on both sides around the implementation of AI solutions in healthcare. And we realised that we might be able to help address these challenges.

And so we set up the AIMedConnect to serve as a matchmaker for clinicians and tech companies seeking to collaborate and accelerate the deployment of AI.


Meet the clinicians who are joining AIMed Connect

Professor Animesh Tandon was one of the first of hundreds of practising clinicians to sign up for the AIMed User Group, which covers subspecialties including cardiology, radiology, paediatrics, primary care, critical care and many more.

Watch this video to see him discuss his role, research and motivations in joining the AIMedConnect.

Meet the innovators who are joining AIMed Connect

”Jvion is excited to be a founding member of the AIMEDConnect.

This is a unique opportunity to foster cross-industry collaboration and drive innovation,” said Jay Deady, CEO of Jvion. “We look forward to driving alignment and benefit across the industry.”