Recognizing exceptional talent in healthcare AI

The Categories

AIMed Champion Clinician of the Year 2023

Recognizing an outstanding clinician, this award celebrates an individual who is making an exceptional contribution to the AI health agenda and the wider health and care system

AIMed Champion Non-clinician of the Year 2023

This award recognizes an exceptional non-clinician, a person who is increasing the impact of AI systems to help solve clinical and operational challenges

AIMed Champion Leader of the Year 2023

The achievements of a healthcare leader are recognized with this award. They will be an inspiration to others, demonstrating compassion and empathy, and will have established change in the health AI agenda

AIMed Hospital/Institution of the Year 2023

This award recognizes a hospital or institution that has made outstanding persistent and continuous efforts to improve its services with the deployment of AI

AIMed Rising Star 2023

This individual may be early in their career; but are acknowledged for showing great promise as a future leader of AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

Recognizing a dynamic entrepreneur, this award highlights someone that has resilience and determination and is driven to make a change to healthcare outcomes, using AI

AI in Medicine Use Case of the Year 2023

This award recognizes an innovative scalable use case that is dramatically improving healthcare through the use of AI technology

Special Impact Award for their work in AI in Medicine

This award honors an innovative AI tool that has made an outstanding impact on the mission to advance healthcare outcomes for all