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3 Things Payers Should Consider

No time for guessing game. Three things payers need to consider if they are to survive the impact of deferred care. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that nearly half of all Americans say they or someone they live with has delayed care since COVID started. The why behind this is two-fol

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Surgeons use computer models to create a customized bone implant for patients

Danish startup Particle3D has designed a method for printing lightweight customized bone implants that naturally fuse with the body over time. Their aim is to allow surgeons to provide bone implants that precisely match patient needs and streamline workflows, thereby improving patient outcomes and p

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Improving elderly care through deep neural network

Some believe if healthcare providers could accurately predict when and why patients are likely to access their services, they will be able to save a substantial amount through better allocation of resources. A group of researchers from the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Aalto Unive

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Say no to affect recognition

Last week, there were some hot debates around whether affect recognition should be banned from future artificial intelligence (AI) research. Affect recognition or the capability to detect emotions of a person, has been regarded as a subset of facial recognition. Training AI to analyze human expressi

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Novartis’ new collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Novartis, the global pharmaceutical and healthcare company based in Switzerland, announced today (4 December) a multi-year strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of its continuous effort to transform its manufacturing, supply chain, and delivery operations of drugs. Shahram E

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