Dr Anthony Chang speaks with Dr Piyush Mathur

In the latest episode of our AIMed Talks series, Piyush Mathur, an anaesthesiologist and intensivist at the Cleveland Clinic, discusses what inspired him to go into AI as a clinician with no previous computer programming background.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Anesthesiology

Connor CW. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Anesthesiology. Anesthesiology 2019, 12 Vol.131, 1346-1359. Click here to view the paper Abstract Commercial applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning have made remarkable progress recently, particularly in areas such as

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A life's work in big data

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute's cardiac anaesthesiologist Dr. Louise Sun talks big data and health care delivery

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Artificial intelligence health apps improve access to NHS doctors

Leading UK National Health Service (NHS) researchers say AI could handle most routine check-ups, giving doctors more time to focus on quality interactions with patients. Public satisfaction with general practioners (GPs) are at their lowest levels since records began and missed appointments cost the

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