Essential Listening

Using AI to Map the Human Immune System

Jabran Zahid, a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research discusses how his background in astrophysics and cosmology translates to his current work in immunology and biology

< 1 minute read

The Coming AI Hackers

What happens to hacking when it’s done by an AI, and do we have the tools to protect ourselves?

< 1 minute read

Mapping AI’s Societal Impact

Kate Crawford, senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research, explores the far-reaching impacts of AI and considers the urgent case for proper governance and regulation

< 1 minute read

Facebook AI's COVID-19 Projects

Dr. Joelle Pineau, co-Managing Director of Facebook AI Research (FAIR), discusses FAIR's research into AI and medicine, focusing on Facebook's COVID-19 projects

< 1 minute read

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