AI Champions Awards

Returning for 2022, the AI Champions Awards will take place on Wednesday January 19 as part of the live AIMed Global Summit in Laguna Beach, CA.

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Key issues in AI: ethics and equity

A practical workshop addressing some of the prevailing ethical challenges in healthcare AI, including trust, bias, data privacy, and explainability.

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Dealing with data breach

Data breach is a “security incident”, whereby unauthorized individuals gained access into a secured database, application, or service to steal personal information. It can also be a data leak, in which sensitive particulars are released deliberately or accidentally out to the public. Apart from fina

2 minute read

How voice recognition changes medicine

Last Monday (2 December), Amazon launched a new medical transcription service called Transcribe Medical. According to the tech giant, this machine learning-driven automatic speech recognition (ASR) tool picks up conversations during practitioner/patient consultations as well as medical and pharmacol

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