Mental Health

Digital mental health support during pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not only put a strain on our healthcare systems, but also on the people’s minds. As of now, most of us have to endured prolong social-isolation as an effort to stop the virus from spreading within the community; uncertainties resulted from business closure and the b

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When analytics becomes the key to remove mental health stigma

In 2016, Canada Health Infoway, a Canadian government funded non-profit organization launched the Data Impact Challenge II as part of an ongoing effort to explore how digital health can be better developed and adopted nationally. Following its inaugural year, the Challenge called again those with le

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Virtual reality (VR) health care: best practices for clinical implementation

By Diane Gromala, PhD, Howard Rose, M.Ed, Frances Ayalasomayajula, MPH, PMP Virtual reality (VR) technology has improved significantly over the last few years. With these advancements, the use of VR in the clinical setting is rapidly increasing. Currently, there is a void of reliable guidance on the

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Around the web and social media: training for the future of medicine

Social media: LinkedIn Tim Caynes Principal Designer at Foolproof Seems the most likely immediate impact will be in self care (already happening of course) and in care for later life. I’ve worked on the latter, as part of a provision for carers through employee benefits services, but also work with

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