Artificial Intelligence and its Potential in Oncology

Londhe VY and Bhasin B. Artificial Intelligence and its Potential in Oncology. Drug Discovery Today 2019; 24(1): 228-232. Click here to view the paper Abstract The two main branches associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine are virtual and physical. The virtual component includes mac

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AI revealed underlying racial bias in cancer

Recently, researchers from Case Western Reserve University reveled an underlying cellular difference between Black and White cancer patients with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The research team studied close to 400 male patients with prostate cancer in six locations over a period of thre

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Is Machine Learning over-diagnosing cancer?

In a recent interview with The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Adewole Adamson, Dermatologist, Health Services Researcher, and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Dell Medical School, University of Texas explained what machine learning (ML) is and the promises it brought to medicine thr

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A new generation of AI hardware for cancer drug research

In the eye of the Argonne National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary science and engineering research institution in Illinois, precision oncology medicine shares something in common with longer-lasting batteries and origin and evolution of the universe: they are challenging topics that many researcher

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