ML Innovation in Healthcare

Founder and CEO of Bayesian Health, Suchi Saria, on why it's taken so long for machine learning to become accepted by the healthcare infrastructure

< 1 minute read

Mapping AI’s Societal Impact

Kate Crawford, senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research, explores the far-reaching impacts of AI and considers the urgent case for proper governance and regulation

< 1 minute read

How to Be Human in the Age of AI

Dr. Ayanna Howard, Dean of the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University discusses the relationships between humans and robots

< 1 minute read

The Architects of AI

Cade Metz, tech correspondent at The New York Times, joins a fascinating discussion about how a handful of pioneers brought AI from the lab to Big Tech and into everyday life

< 1 minute read

AI for Accessible Ultrasounds

Dr. Charles Cadieu, co-founder and CEO of Caption Health explains how they’re using AI to make it easier for clinicians to capture high-quality ultrasound images

< 1 minute read

How To Build A Career in Data Science

As all science fields converge into data science, is now the best time to build a career in data science? Jacqueline Nolis and Emily Robinson provide plenty of advice and insight

< 1 minute read

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