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Thursday 1 April 11am – 11:45am EST



The global pandemic has effectively removed face to face meetings, including live conferences and expos, as an option for business development and marketing executives working in healthcare technology. With time poor clients and ever more complex decision making structures, a lot of people are finding themselves simply maintaining a base level of engagement across the market, rather than developing real relationships.

How are sales and marketing teams in health AI generating leads, educating customers, and building brand awareness in 2021? How are they building SQLs and MQLs with no face to face interaction? How are they planning for the future, and mitigating the risk of further lockdowns?

In this exclusive webinar, we will bring together senior executives from major corporates, medium-sized companies and start-ups working in the health AI space to explore best practice in the planning and execution of lead generation through to qualification of a sales prospect. The session will explore how they have reacted and engaged their markets, what has worked and what has been challenging, the impact of virtual events and relationships, as well as forward planning for post-pandemic activity.


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