The impact that AI is having on medicine should be celebrated. With our mission to change healthcare one connection at a time, we want to share as many trailblazing stories as possible.

We are looking for engaging, dynamic speakers to share their narrative on the transformational opportunities that AI can provide in medicine and healthcare operations. Can you craft a session that truly stands out? 

Our clinician-led summits brings together top AI luminaries and industry leaders for an in-person meeting on 5-7, June, in San Diego. Incorporating a world class conference program with practical workshops, we connect health and care leaders and practitioners  to improve outcomes for patients and communities.

New for 2023, we have invited an expert advisory committee to collaborate on the development of the programme and to ensure the process of speaker selection is democratic and transparent by evaluating each submission. Made up of globally respected individuals, who represent stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, they understand the challenges of AI in healthcare, and are actively deploying innovative technology. 

Becoming a speaker means you will be part of a transformative movement to mature intelligence-based medicine on a global scale. Share your work with an audience who has the power to make a difference.

Karen B Seagraves, PhD, MPH, NEA-BC, APRN, FAHA speaker & attendee at the Global Summit in 2022 says “When you have someone who has a great idea and someone who has a need or job to be done, all of a sudden the fireworks start.”

The themes for the AIMed Global Summit 2023 include:

  • From Data to Delivery
  • Ethics & Regulation
  • Population Health & Social Determinants of Health
  • Tools & Deployment
  • Strategies for Healthcare Leaders
  • Application in Clinical Domains

If you would like your voice to be heard, or you know someone who you think would be exciting, we have now opened speaker submissions we would love to hear from you.

The deadline for speaker applications is 5pm PST on December 1, 2022.