Kore.ai, a market-leading enterprise conversational AI software platform and solutions company, has announced the launch of HealthAssist, its first in a series of new, digital-first healthcare experiences. The solution has been developed by combining deep healthcare expertise and its robust AI-powered  experience optimization platform technology for healthcare providers, health insurance payers, and life science companies.

An AI-native and HIPAA-compliant solution, HealthAssist delivers a digital-first, human-like conversational experience through voice and digital interactions with patients, members, caregivers, providers, agents, employees and consumers across a healthcare enterprise.

Healthcare companies can leverage HealthAssist for boosting engagement, managing costs, increasing patient and member acquisition and retention, optimizing experiences and satisfaction, enhancing productivity and maximizing care time.

“Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world currently use Kore.ai’s solutions and platform technology,” said Kore.ai CEO and Founder Raj Koneru. “As a company, we have been focused on providing conversational AI solutions in complex, highly regulated and dynamic industries. It is exciting to expand our capabilities with HealthAssist, particularly given the challenges healthcare companies are facing. Conversational AI is helping fill growing workforce gaps while improving experiences, stakeholder satisfaction and increasing access to care when healthcare systems need it most,” said Koneru.

HealthAssist delivers an intuitive, self-service solution to automate repeatable, easy-to-handle patient facing interactions through seamless connectivity with an organization’s electronic medical record system, multiple sources of healthcare ontologies, Admission-Discharge-Transfer, patient monitoring, billing and other revenue cycle management solutions.

In addition, it complies with the stringent healthcare industry standard secure communication protocols to ensure security and robust data privacy with enhanced security features that include data redaction, multi-factor authentication as well as a deep understanding of the laws, policies and regulations affecting the healthcare industry.

“The first experience in a series of HealthAssist 2022 releases focuses on security, integration and expanded functionality,” said Rob Kassel, SVP, Product Management at Kore.ai. “The security protocols ensure personally identifiable information is protected between patient, provider and business associates.”

HealthAssist is built on Kore.ai’s secure and scalable no-code platform, which enables organizations to design, build, test and deploy intuitive, customized interactions with little technical expertise or support required. Kore.ai’s innovative approach reduces an organization’s reliance on technical experts, accelerates implementation and improves efficiency.

“We’ve had strong demand from existing customers and the industry and with the enterprise conversational AI technology rapidly evolving,” said Koneru. “I am excited to see the future of Conversational AI and HealthAssist.”