Immertec has announced the launch of its new Medoptic platform, a technology that enables surgical training in 3D via a VR headset.

The company’s real-time VR platform allows surgeons to instantly train on new medical devices, learn modern surgical procedures and collaborate on surgical cases from anywhere. Currently, it is the only real-time 3D surgical training VR platform that allows surgeons to virtually scrub into a live procedure from their home or office through a VR headset.

The technology comprises three features – the core 3D teleconferencing technology, the mobile scheduling app, and VR headsets loaned to trainees.

New funding has enabled Immertec to expand Medoptic to multiple locations and seen them formally launch the product on Android and iOS app stores. The company has also assembled director-level team members from Apple, Microsoft, Surgical Intuitive, Stryker and Magic Leap.

“Training surgeons on innovative procedures and devices is unnecessarily difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Learning logistics shouldn’t be so demanding on surgeons,” said Erik Maltais, CEO of Immertec. “Physician burnout and unnecessary patients suffering from lack of access to advanced surgical techniques are unacceptable. Medoptic leverages VR innovations to decrease these barriers and increase surgeon exposure to operating suites around the country from the comfort of their home or office.”

The technology captures multiple video feeds including a stereoscopic 3D video, encodes the feeds, and remotely transmits the videos to a VR headset in under 500 milliseconds so remote surgeons can observe, communicate and interact as if they were physically present.

Medoptic uses a proprietary algorithm fish-eye correction that simplifies and reduces the computation load on the GPU by almost 25%, providing high-quality access to unique situations, at a fraction of the bandwidth that is currently required to deliver high-quality content.