It's time for more diversity in health leadership

Sonavi Labs co-founder and CEO Ellington West discusses her company’s drive to improve patient outcomes, her experience as a black female, and the pressing need for greater diversity in healthcare leadership

6 minute read

Charles Radclyffe, AI Ethics Grader

Charles Radclyffe's company grades companies on their AI ethics and governance. In part 1 of this compelling discussion, he talks about the challenges of bias and privacy

< 1 minute read

Life in the fast lane

Co-founder of and named by Forbes magazine as one of ‘20 Incredible Women in AI’, Rachel Thomas talks data ethics, bias in machine learning and a lifetime of tearing down barriers

6 minute read

Google fires top AI ethics founder!

Google has fired Margaret Mitchell, the founder and co-head of its artificial intelligence ethics unit, claiming she violated the company's code of conduct

2 minute read

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