Ed Mereki
Youth Member
International Children's Advisory Network
My  name is Nasasira Merekizedeki, a.k.a Ed Mereki. I’m 21 years old. I’m a double orphan, nephropathic, high school student and Catholic. I was diagnosed with an end stage kidney failure in 2015. I come from  Uganda but I live in Italy with the aim of  getting a healthy kidney.  I’ve been doing dialysis since late 2015 and I’m on a kidney transplant waiting list. The doctors say that the probability to have a kidney best for me is very low because of different genetics. In my free time, I play the guitar and piano. I also write songs and poems. In addition to this,  I’m writing an autobiographical novel, mostly during dialysis time. My dream is to become a nephrologist. My preferred color is  green because it  is the color of hope.