Enhao Gong
Founder & CEO

PhD in EE@Stanford:
– Medical Imaging (MRI), Deep Learning, Compressed Sensing, Data Driven Image Processing, Machine Learning

Founder @ Subtle Medical:
– Deep Learning to improve the efficiency and value Medical Imaging

Co-founder @ Polarr:
– Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Image Rendering

Experienced in Imaging Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computational Imaging, Signal Processing, Neural/Bio Signal Processing, Optical Imaging, Super Resolution

About me:
As a Stanford Graduate Fellow, I completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford. My research is focused on deep learning in medical imaging. Our recent work on MRI reconstruction based on deep learning and GAN has been featured and awarded in academic and industry conferences.

I co-founded Subtle Medical (StartX 2017), using deep learning technology to improve the efficiency and quality of medical imaging.

I co-founded Polarr (StartX 2014) and built new technologies (GPU rendering, edge-side DL, mobile computer vision) for photo retouching products and curation engine.

At Stanford, I am supervised by Professor John Pauly and Professor Greg Zaharchuk to apply deep learning and statistical methods on reconstruction to further push the limit of fast imaging and improving the acquisition, reconstruction and quantification of MRI. I am also leading projects on DL application in neuroimaging, PET/MRI, quantitative MRI etc.

At Tsinghua, my awarded undergraduate thesis work is focused on decoding human speech intention using neural signals.

I have also interned at Qualcomm and Philips on Machine Learning, Image reconstruction, Computational Imaging, etc.

Looking forward to meet you and brain storm how AI can reshape the world.