John Mattison, MD
Emeritus CMIO and Assistant Medical Director
Kaiser Permanente

Innovation at scale.
Motivating high performance teams.
Transforming health through personalized consumer-directed healthcare.
Creating the architectures for continuous evidence-based learning and action.
Person centric view of wellness, mindfulness and resilience.
Addressing Social determinants of health.
Deploying technology to create the Behavioral Symphony for Wellness
Health policy and Privacy/Security policy at state and federal levels.
Shaping open source work to accelerate market velocity for human solutions.
Predictive analytics, advanced decision support.
Convergence of multi-omics and diverse data sources.
Serendipity as a strategy.
Convergence of mobile, social, behavioral economics, predictive modeling, health mentor avatars, visualization tools and UX within the Healthcare Plecosystem.
Addressing social equity and bridging the digital/economic divide.
Using modern technology to restore ancient wisdom.
Accordion Model of Learning.
Dyadarity to manage AI/Robotics and Social Impact.
People Centered Interned (PCI)
Innovation for Jobs (i4j)
Reimagining Childhood
Singularity University Faculty, Exponential Medicine