Sesmu Arbous, MD, PhD, MSc
Director of the Intensive Care Training Program LUMC; Director of Education Master Technical Medicine
Leiden University

Sesmu is an anesthesiologist-intensivist and clinical epidemiologist. Besides her clinical work on the ICU of the LUMC, she is director of the  Intensive Care Training Program and director of Education of the MSc Technical Medicine. Her focus is on applying (data) technology on the ICU to further personalize care for the critically ill patient particularly for the septic patient. She is PI of a research group of PhD and master students, with a particular interest in combining established statistical and machine learning methods and in methodological study design issues of assessing clinical value of AI in practice for the patient and physician

She is  board member of the NICE (National Intensive Care Evaluation, which collects data of nearly all ICU’s in the Netherlands to optimize quality of ICU care ) and collaborates with academic and non academic (ICU ) departments and companies.