The Italian perspective on AI in healthcare is opti- mistic and Italian eHealth professionals appear to have the biggest expectations regarding AI helping to improve care outcomes and supporting better clinical decision-making.

In Italy, the government, the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID), the academia, and AI*IA, alongside industry, e.g. AI Labs, collaborate to develop the Italian AI community and ecosystem. In March 2018, AGID released a white paper on ‘AI at the service of citizens’, after a month-long consultation on the original draft. Some of the challenges discussed in the white paper are ethics, the role of data, preventing inequality, and measuring the impact of AI. AGID’s work also involves setting up pilot projects, drawing up recommendations for the public administration, and improving the public administration’s AI capacities.

The Agency for Digital Italy and the AI task force are planning to take several imminent next steps: open innovation calls to promote innovative procurement to integrate AI solutions in public services, setting up pilot projects to accelerate the use of AI in the public sector, and creating synergies with research institutions to promote the development of AI solutions for the public administration through research and education.

Key initiatives


The new laboratories represent
a remarkable technological and infrastructural investment. They cover an area of 500 square meters and are equipped with the most modern instrumentation for cellular and genetic investigations, also including a cell factory entirely dedicated to the large-scale manufacturing of advanced therapies.


A private healthcare centre with highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment, and a
wide array of specialty medical departments and services – including the advanced International and Tropical Medicine and Microbiology Laboratory, the Imaging Centre and a modern Physio Center with its Hydrokinesis pool.


A full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) based
in Rome, with over 20 years experience in clinical research in the pharmaceutical, health and biomedical fields. LNAge has guided the clinical research activity carried out in its laboratories towards the study, formulation and development of class 1 medical devices, dermo cosmetic and food supplements with specific purposes.  LNAge has relationships with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities, and with the most advanced public and private hospitals.  Offers high-level consultancy in the field of clinical research and healthcare with strong expertise in clinical, pharmaceutical, legal and tech spheres.


Hosting 2020 MIT Critical Care Datathon. Italy’s largest and highly specialized teaching and research hospital that’s considered one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Europe. Flagship hospital of Lombardy; the healthcare system in Lombardy is considered to be Italy’s finest. It is focused on innovative medical and surgical technology, advanced medical training and research.  Live Stream of colonoscopy with use of innovative artificial intelligence system that will help doctors to make a more accurate and precise diagnosis of colon polyps.


Coordinate the different government and PA stakeholders to manage existing and future digital programs in an integrated manner with an agile methodology and an open data approach. Identifying new digital and technology transformation initiatives The 2019-2021 Three-Year Plan indicates the lines of action to promote the digital transformation of the public sector and the country.


Has the task of coordinating public administrations in the implementation of the Three-Year Plan for information technology in Public Administration. AgID supports digital innovation and promotes the dissemination of digital skills, also in collaboration with international, national and local institutions and bodies.